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Written by Kurt | Tuesday, 17 April 2012 11:51

TheRetromobilist is there for all those who like old cars, not just classic cars, also newer cars that perhaps haven't obtained classic status yet but probably will in a couple of years. That's why on this site, you will also find posts about cars that might just be 10 years old. We dare say, why not? They're cars from another era, retro cars. But of course, the bulk of cars featured here are classic cars, our fascination with historic racing cars also takes centre-stage on these page. Beside cars, we keep an eye on the culture around it; photography, art, good stories and so on, dare we say lifestyle? All-in-all we try to present a nice selection of what the motoring world has put forward over the years. We say, come with us, take a seat, hold on tight and let us drive you into the past.

Originally theretromobilist.com was known as gogogomagazine.com, then drivven.net, founded way back in 2008, only just now in 2012 we felt like a name change, something that would better reflect what this site is about and would get rid of the, frankly, dyslexic spelling of the word 'driven'. Glad we did so!


We have an enormous archive of motoring-related stuff. Mainly original negatives, photos and slides of period racing events and classic cars from the 20s to the 90s. Grand Prix, Formula 1, saloons etc. Get in touch if you need something for a publication, chances are we probably have something of your liking.


Kurt - Editor, founder

A life-long motoring enthusiast with a particular interest in all that drives, old and new. But, having been brought up among classic cars (the family's MGs were to blame) it was only logical that I would start a blog about retro cars. So I did, back in 2008, a blog which subsequently morphed into theretromobilist.com after many high and lows I am now fully committed to making this blog work and possibly expanding it into more than just writing and photographing. Stay tuned. There is much more to come from where we are (which is London currently). On another note I need to say that a classic car really needs to join me on my travels again soon, I have none at the moment (well you know it's not what the city's made for)!

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other contributors

Gabriele Spangenburg - there are a number of posts from her own blog on this site, which are terrific, do a search and see for yourself.

Others - Get in touch if you feel like it and want to build your writing portofolio in the process or have anything to share with us, we could do with some more posts and interesting stories, photographs and videos.