Art: Analog fixation - industrial artwork by Jason White

Written by Kurt | Tuesday, 17 April 2012 13:32

There we go, yet another new category here on TheRetromobilist; art. Automobile art of course, there's lots of it around, old and new so we thought I'd be a good idea to feature some of it. We kick of with work by Jason White, a collection of great automotive artwork he exhibited at a recent show at the Motor City Brewing Works in the USA's capital of the motor industry, Detroit. Not surprisingly Jason is a car designer, primarily working at Ford after graduating from Detroit's College for Creative Studies with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Transportation Design. It took him on to designing the 2008 Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner interior and other work, before moving on for a stint at Hyundai. All this car designing experience shows, just look at the detailing on these artworks. A wide range of mediums were used to get the desired effect; pencil, pastel, marker, pen, watercolors and, according to the artist, alcohol. Moreover the cars come to life due to the non-standard backgrounds (in my humble opinion). There's something for everyone really, Indycars, Grand Prix, classic cars and even a motorbike. Read on after the jump and enjoy.

Cute little VW Beetle.

Motorbikes are also part of the collection. 

Plymouth Belvedere 


The famous Porsche Indycar; March 90P.

McLaren M16

More of Jason's work can be found on his website at . Big thanks to Jason, for allowing us to share some his work!