'Passion for Speed' by Pink Floyd's Nick Mason

Written by Kurt | Saturday, 13 November 2010 16:05

Two months ago an updated version of Nick Mason's 1998 book 'Into the Red' was published, now called 'Passion for Speed' for some reason I missed that announcement. Which, frankly, is incompetent. The first edition of the book was a firm favourite throughout my teens, a book totally dedicated to Nick Mason's unique car collection and co-written by racing driver Mark Hales. I remember well that it was the only book in my local library that I really wanted to read in my early teens, so I did. Several times. After which I read it again, several times. As a result I knew Nick Mason before I even knew the work he had made his fortune with: Pink Floyd!


Now though, we want to point you in the direction of the updated version of the book, it now features 24 cars from Mason's collection. From a Ferrari 250 GTO to a Lola T492 to a Porsche 962. Sadly, we haven't laid our hands on a copy ourselves yet, so a review of the book has to wait until we do. Thank ...insert religious leader of choice... that it's almost christmas!


One thing that is for sure is that Mason has sold the fabulously loud BRM V16 F1 car, we know this as he told everyone in an interview about the book on the BBC, that interview can be found here . For another excellent interview from a few years ago about the last version of the book, go to The Times website.


Keep an eye out on DRIVVEN.net for the review of the book.