Austin A40 Sports

Written by Super User | Saturday, 03 June 2017 21:32

After the Second World War production of cars in Great Britain for the public only slowly got back up to speed. It was Austin who resumed production of their consumer cars after years of producing vehicles for the war effort. The first new post-war model appeared in 1947, the Austin A40. It was available as a Dorset, a two-door version, and the Devon, a 4 door model.

For model year 1951 the magnificent Austin A40 Sports. Not a true sports car but rather a sporty cabriolet touring car. It was based on the standard A40 chassis but unlike the regular model it had an aluminium body. Sophisticated stuff for time, and usually only found on much higher-end cars. Austin wasn't able to do this on their own, despite their resources. Instead they called in help from speciality car manufacturer Jensen Motors. They helped out with the development of the car and also built the car. The A40 Sports was mainly conceived to cater for the lucrative American market. The idea of a smooth sports tourer Austin thought would do well across the pond. In the end, by 1953, a little over 4000 had been built at which point production was ceased by which point Austin had, together with Morris, had morphed into the British Motor Company.