The classics; Berlin

Written by Kurt | Saturday, 24 December 2011 13:00
IMG_4514In the last post we looked at some East German nostalgia, seeing all those old flimsy communist cars in a fitting decayed setting of derelict buildings gave us the idea to see if anything like that still exists. Spending some time in Berlin over the last couple of weeks gave the opportunity to find out if, more than 20 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, there were any cars like the ones we saw in the last post left. Unsurprisingly, the result was; barely! Apart from the odd enthusiast/creative cherising this communist heritage, most of the classic cars on the streets are from the 'west'. In all my time there I perhaps saw 4 Trabants, a Wartburg and a Zastava (which is a Fiat, so it doesn't really count). Most of them were static objects, reminding us how dull it must have been down there and showing us exactly what those cars used to do back in the day; standing still and not bringing you anywhere. Anyhow, let's look at some of these and other classic cars that can be found in the German capital nowadays. This is of course only a part of what's out there, but there are some good examples out there, all very charming. Or is it the charm of Berlin and its raw streets and pretty 'Gründerzeit' buildings that makes these cars charming? Decide for yourself after the jump.


classic 911 sandwiched between newer machinery.


'Mofa,' something East-German I'm sure.


Alfa Giulia, style has arrived..


Kaefer in 'Szenekiez' Friedrichshain.


The Anglia, from another Angle (pun intended)!


And another Ford, a jaded Transit van.


A trabant, pictured on top of where once part of the third reich bunkers were..


'Deesse' next to the famous Berlin wall.


PrenzlBerg and a BMW 2002: a good combination.


Hey presto, finally a Wartburg..


Morris Minor traveller, looking good..

 Next up will be a post on the Berlin Meilenwerk car collection/shops, interesting stuff there. Bear with us..