Jay Leno's car saviour

Written by Super User | Monday, 09 February 2009 14:19

We all know Jay leno is one of the biggest car nuts on the planet with cars ranging from a Duesenburg to Bugattis and steam powered cars. Obviously, he wants to keep his collection running, which, of course, can be quite difficult with all the super-exclusive cars he owns. You can't go to the shop and buy parts of the shelve. Parts have to be made from scratch.

First measure up a (non-existing) part, draw it, make a mould, cast it, try it and then find out it doesn't fit. By that stage you're propably 10k out of pocket and still haven't got your car running. Of course Jay Leno is quite rich and he doesn't need to worry about the money too much. This didn't keep him from searching new techniques, which he successfully managed to find in a computer. Have a look at the clip underneath and find out about the really ingenious scanner and 3d printer he discovered.