Only in Belgium

Written by Ignatius Phayre Eques | Saturday, 28 January 2012 13:49

RoundaboutNews reached us that last Friday a Belgian court sentenced a 30 year-old man to read a book. Yes indeed, a book, but bear with us, it gets even more surreal when we tell you the offence for which he received this joyous chastisement; drifting a car around a roundabout. Like us you might find it hard to see the relation between this offence (well, offence, rather a bit of petrolhead fun) and the alternative sentence at first glance. But, in fact there is a good reason. The pillock has to read a book called 'Tonio' by well-respected Dutch writer A.F.Th. van der Heijden. In the book the writer describes the pain he felt after losing his only son in a traffic accident in the centre of Amsterdam in 2010. A commission will later on determine if the offender read the book at all and, we guess, learned from his mistakes. This is on top of a 4 month withdrawal of his driving licence. If he fails the test he faces a 32 month withdrawal.

So, our advice would be; get reading! Lets hope this guy loathes reading, which he probably does, otherwise he wouldn't be continuously lapping a roundabout like some half-wit. Instead of a chastisement by court this is really rather like self-chastisement. Wouldn't these kind of self-chastisement sentences be a good idea for many other offences or crimes? Wouldn't it be smashing to see, for example, a couple of vandalistic, brass, drunk and shouty lard-arses being humiliated by having to listen to Mozart, continuously, for three weeks on loop-mode? Or what about sexual assailants being put in a very dark-room with 'Bear the Bazooka' for a few days? Perhaps, these Belgians are not so silly after all.. (via: Nieuwsblad)