One Mercedes-Benz silver arrow

Written by Kurt | Tuesday, 01 May 2012 21:23

This time a bit of a mystery photo from pre-war racing, well it's not a big mystery what can be seen on the photo, but more where it was taken. All evidence points towards this being German Grand Prix racing driver Hermann Lang (with goggles) chatting to a man who might well be a journalist. On the left of course is you can see a Mercedes-Benz 'Silberpfeile' which I am positive is the model W125. Also notice the man in the white uniform and silly hat on the left, who is some kind of nazi official, which in turn points to this event being in Germany. On top of that there is another race car lurking behind Lang with what appears to be a BMW badge. Also see the motorbike racers in the background on the starting grid which seem to be waiting on their turn to race. Due to grandstands in the background it leaves me no other way than to conclude this race (or perhaps a demonstration) was at the Sachsenring (or, as it was known, Hohenstein-Ernstthal), I cannot think of any race track that had its grandstands on the left of the grid.. Fact is though, there was never a Grand Prix race there! You think you know better get in touch, I'd love to give this photo from my archive its correct designation.