Gute fahrt mit Gasolin

Written by Kurt | Sunday, 13 May 2012 10:58

This time we publish a photo that had been languishing in our 'vaults' for quite a while, basically as we haven't been able to use it in a story. But, as we didn't want to keep it back here it is in all its nondescript glory! What you see is the Mercedes pit box at the 1954 German GP at the Nürburgring. Getting out of his Mercedes W196 is Karl Kling, the big man with hat in the middle of the car blocking the view is most certainly the Mercedes race chief of the time; Alfred Neubauer. What I particularly like is the ad banner above the pitbox which translates as 'Good journey with Gasolin,' you can't argue with that, gasoline is always good. Furthermore we see a guy with a cannister refuelling the car, but other than that there's not much activity going on. Apart from the many spectators making pictures and even some with a film camera shooting the action. If you look closely you can even see a commentator with a microphone and headphone on the roof of the pit building. I wonder what happened to all that film footage and those photos, wouldn't it be a fantastic attic find? Chances are though that over those 55 odd years people would have just discarded these precious pieces of history over multiple estate sales or what have you. Shame really, thankfully the photographer of the photo we're looking at didn't do just that, he even kept the negative, good man!