Datsuns, Datsuns, Datsuns..

Written by Kurt | Thursday, 19 April 2012 17:02

With recent news that Nissan would reintroduce its Datsun brand name I can't refrain from mentioning just a little bit about here. It is after all a brand with a history going back a very long time. In fact it was only dropped about 30 years ago by the then management as they felt putting the corporate name 'Nissan' on all their cars would help support their global business strategy better and of course achieve those important 'economies of scale' (with the result that advertising campaigns and the like could be used worldwide with little tweaking). Still, Datsun goes back to 1931, and has been known throughout the world as a household name since the sixties (after having produced and improved british Austin cars on a licensing agreement in the 50s). Producing many interesting cars in the process, who could forget the 240Z, the Skyline and all those grannies in Sunnys? Anyhow, now the Datsun name will be brought back for entry-level vehicles on emerging markets like India, Indonesia and Russia. Apparently taking inspiration from those legendary models of the past. And to that purpose Nissan's CEO Carlos Ghosn paid the company's heritage collection a visit. This event was recorded by Nissan in the promotional clip you can see above. Isn't it good to see the company has taken care of their heritage so well? Just look at the huge array of cars present in the Zama Heritage Garage, all immaculately presented and apparently in working order. Time they build it into a proper museum, that would be another good reason to go to Japan (and risk being radio-actively contaminated)..