Pics & Quotes: Mini Rocketman

Written by Kurt | Monday, 28 February 2011 21:40

rocketman0In this new 'pics & quotes' series we want to feature cars solely by images and quotes from the manufacturer. This means that we show cars in the way manufacturers would like us to perceive their cars. No rubbish writing from us, just pure, excellent, manufacturer marketing drivel, filtered down to the most cringeworthy wordbites of the press package. Wordbites that are almost always recognisable by their lengthy sentences and combination of cool and superlative words that no-one had ever before thought of using in the same sentence, let alone right next to one another. This time we have the, in our eyes, wonderful Mini Rocketman concept. Finally a Mini which really seems to have returned to its roots; it's small(er), it's cute, it's clever, it's refreshing, it's innovative and best of all it has double-hinged doors. Let's see what the accompanying press package yielded this time, all press is good press isn't it?


"The MINI Rocketman Concept body is shaped by an avant-garde interpretation of time-honoured brand features."


"Ingenious functionality, smile-inducing agility, exceptional efficiency and irresistible design come together into an extraordinarily attractive and groundbreaking, yet typically MINI, subcompact car concept for the premium segment."


"The operating logic of the MINI Rocketman Concept is also geared to the multi-layered demands of a contemporary target group, whose mobility needs are shaped by their desire for driving fun, flexible usage possibilities and extensive connectivity with their lives outside the car."


"The windows taper as they extend back towards the rear, emphasising the body’s dynamic wedge shape and offering an immediate hint of the vehicle’s sporty and agile character."


"In darkness the integrated optical fibres [in the roof] give the interior of the MINI Rocketman Concept a pleasantly indirect illumination and, as a result, a more effective nocturnal appearance."


"The impressive variability of the interior is complemented by a pure-bred design which spotlights both the unmistakable style of the brand and the study car’s pioneering technology."


"The development of the rigorously applied display/control element separation principle, meanwhile, has been taken to the next level."


"Intelligent connectivity turns the car into a mobile element of the driver’s personal lifestyle."

Source: All quotes from the BMW group press website @