Fiat on Italianness v some Americans

Written by Kurt | Monday, 30 January 2012 16:16

Just today I noticed this new image ad film by Fiat for their new Fiat Panda on Youtube entitled 'New Fiat Panda - This is the Italy we like'. When I first saw it I thought that it was properly inspiring stuff as it was not so much about the new Panda, which, whatever way you put it, is a dreary Eurobox. The ad is more about Italy, the mentality and which way the country should go in the future. What we see is Italy as you probably know it. We see charming villages, beautiful lakes, craftsman making beautiful things, beautiful brown-haired girls smiling, beatiful brown-haired girls drinking cappuccino on a balcony and smiling waiters serving plates of pasta with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and bespectacled men designing and building Fiats. It's all about the passion and creativity and what the country has to offer. It seems Fiat is genuinely concerned with the country and its people and, given the economic and political situation, wants to make sure Italy stays a proud Italy. As the Italian narrator mentions 'Now is the time to decide. Whether to be ourselves or to accept the views imposed on us'.

Given the fact that imprtant member of the Fiat Group bigwigs, Luca di Montezemolo, has been all over the news in the recent months in Italy talking politics and discussing the future of Italy and which way it should go to shrug off almost 20 years of political turmoil under Berlusconi, it is perhaps not strange that Fiat came up with this image film. Add to that the fact that Director of Brand Promotions at Fiat is Lapo Elkann, heir to the Fiat empire, allround dandy (we recommend typing his name into Google and be amazed) and committed to spreading the 'Italian way' message over the world by various other personal business ventures. It really feels like those at the top of Fiat care and genuinely feel for their country, so much so even, that they had this image film made to boost Italy's morale. I believed them. Until I thought of an American ad from last year, an ad by Fiat sibling Jeep which is practically identical in terms of its message. Just take a look underneath and compare!

You probably see my point by now, it has exactly the same music, the same kind of moody shots to inject some national pride and a narrator which talks sense. In fact the tag line of the Italian clip, 'The things we make, make us.' is almost exactly the same as the American one 'The things we make, make us.' Perhaps not so genuine after all from Fiat? Just a lazy copy of a good idea? Admittedly, at first I was fooled into thinking this was a clip to show Fiat's genuine concern about the state Italy is in. But as you've seen, it is probably just plain advertising, thought up by an agency that plays into people's nationalistic pride to shift some cars. Hmm. Never. Believe. Advertising. Good try though, Fiat!