Italo-Turkish delight

Written by Kurt | Tuesday, 09 November 2010 20:17

yeniceri2Maybe we have mentioned it before on here; we do not really like car tuning in the form of adding some plasticky bits and changing the exhaust for something the size of a dustbin. No, really, we think it's quite ridiculous to spend money on something that doesn't make you go any faster on a winding road or that doesn't necessarily make you look any better when driving about through Monaco. Of course, beauty is in the eye of beholder but we have the conviction there are limits to what is good and what is not. This time, we think we have actually found a tuned car that actually has made the (our) grade; the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Yeniceri Edition by Unicate.

Why? Just look at the photos in this topic, for a tuned up car it still looks pretty decent and functional. No ridiculous spoilers, hideous headlamps or huge exhausts. Instead it's completely matte-black with no frivolous features, it looks freakishly dangerous and cool at the same time somehow. There is a good reason for this, according to Unicate's press release (a part of the MEC Design group from Berlin) "The Yeniceri is named after an elite fighting troop of soldiers from the Ottoman Empire - the best of the best. Their name alone would strike fear into the hearts of anyone that heard it and the thunderous sounds that they made as they approached would send people into panic."

Jolly nice, a raging italian bull combined with the DNA of some shouty Turks, that can only spell a lot of horsepower absurdity. Sadly, this is where it disappoints; it only has 20 horsepower more than Lamborghini's 'standard' LP640 due to a different exhaust. In keeping with its Turkish 'heritage' though, the exhaust is better at extracting thunderous sounds from the V12 engine; at idle it produces a quite massive 120db, which, arguably, is more than the shouty Turks ever produced.



On to the alloys, a feature that should never be forgotten when tuning a car judging from some of the creations we have seen over the years. The Yeniceri Edition is fitted with some rather tasty 21" and 22" ConcavTen wheels of which the spokes are matte-black and the outer part of the rim is chromed. Furthermore the exterior was enhanced with some LED lights, in purple, which frankly look more at home on a caddish scooter from a council estate. Better use was made of the LEDs in the engine bay, which is also illuminated, a good idea; who wouldn't want to see the Lamborghini V12 masterpiece that lies underneath the glass at night! Interior-wise Unicate, thankfully, felt the interior was already good enough which is why they only added some carbon-fibre bits and pieces around the steering wheel, the flappy paddles, the middle console and the instrument pod.

A likeable tuned up car? Decide for yourself, but we're sure that this matte-black will probably scare the hell out of you, even at idle! If that isn't an achievement..