The 4 Audi rings; now on your local monument

Written by Kurt | Thursday, 07 October 2010 14:35

audiringsIn today's world of car manufacturing it looks like manufacturers are less and less able to distinguish their brands with the cars they make. Obvious reasons are standardisation of production and the endless sharing of chassis platforms with other car manufacturers. So what to do to stand out from the crowd? Well, it's obvious, increase marketing communication spend and make sure the brand is perceived rather differently. Enter Audi, known for many spectacular communication ideas and one of the biggest advertising budgets in the business spending about $90 million alone in North America (according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus). Creative Agency 'Access Agency' made a proposal of what to do with the four famous Audi rings.

Behold the magnificence I'd say, their idea is to have four rings (with platforms with cars) suspended from famous bridges and/or monuments. The rings turn around and move up and down on a rails. In essence a plausible idea if Audi shows a city council (or a civil servant of course) a nice cheque in compensation, let's say greed is good, even for city councils, some could do with some extra cash. Access Agency likes to describe the value this whole idea adds to the brand like so:


"Against the backdrop of spectacular urban architecture, the Audi installation reflects Audi’s continuous challenging of the status quo, its capacity to innovate, and its ability to avoid the bland and the ordinary."

Marketing drivel or not, it sounds like an appealing idea for Audi or any car manufacturer, let's hope this installation doesn't just remain an idea. Still, beside the imposing installation Access Agency thinks it's not so much about the actual installation, but more about the whole process leading to the installation, in their own words:

"But what will create valuable media attention and social media buzz is not just the actual final display, but the entire anticipation, the process of creation, the engineering feat of the installation and the spectacular launch event. The anticipation, excitement and buzz will culminate in an epic night-time launch event that we envision including a live symphony orchestra playing on a barge right under the suspended rings or on the bridge itself, a fireworks presentation or a LED light show above the bridge, and the ultimate unveiling of the rings."

On the other side of the coin this is a great bit of marketing for Access Agency; taking a famous brand, developing a good creative idea for it and ending up with a lot of publicity for themselves. So much that it is even featured by an obscure blogozine called!