TVR is back! Well sort of..

Written by Super User | Friday, 11 November 2011 21:56
tvrisbackToday we noticed there is a new TVR website up (with a new-old logo), which should be good news (see for yourself here). Or is it? Well, that all depends on your viewpoint. If you expect to see some new models like us and all other enthusiasts, then bad luck! No new models are announced, just some gibberish about having your existing TVR updated with some burbling American 6.2 litre V8 metal. Worse still TVR has moved to Austria of all places. To 'Brown Alley 22, Vienna' to be precise and is now part of the 'Muadib Beteiligung GmbH'. Which is no doubt some holding company of Nikolai Smolenski, the russian millionaire who bought TVR some years ago. All this makes us think that this is the final nail in the TVR coffin, let us explain after the jump.

For years we have been anticipating new or upgraded models by TVR, listening to stories by Smolenski about new innovations and so forth. Judging by the stuff they will have on offer now means they haven't really tried, have they. Actually, like many have said before Smolenski lost the plot long ago. It seems like those running TVR have absolutely no clue about marketing and customer loyalty. One of the most important reasons for buying a TVR was the nostalgia about it. Made in Britain, engineered in Britain. It worked, the most important market for TVR was the British market. So why on earth try leaving it, produce somewhere else and forget all about your loyal British customers? They were practically the only people buying the cars! No car make, beside perhaps Porsche, had such a loyal following. Now, TVR is nothing more than some superficial brand with no products to back it up. So why, Smolenski, do you cling on to it if you don't know what to do with it? Kill it off, and sell the brand and the intellectual property off to someone else. Someone who has some good ideas and the cash to bring back the glory days of these wonderful British cars. Someone who can do justice to the brand, the history and the quirkiness of the cars. The buyers were out there, no doubt they still are, they just need to be fed some great new models. Otherwise, TVR is dead, for ever..