Photography: 1000km Nürburgring 1964

Written by Kurt | Wednesday, 23 May 2012 12:20

Back into time, to 1964; the USA launches its first attack on North Vietnam, Soviet leader Khrushchev was removed from power, the Beatles had numerous hits in a single year and Sean Connory (and the Aston DB5) shined again as Bond in 'Goldfinger', significant events that happened while everything was still green and idyllic at the Nürburgring's Nordschleife. Up to the point when the new brand-new Ford GT40 arrived at the 'Ring for the 1000km race. Its mighty V8 bellow reverberating of the surrounding hills and trees on a sunny day in May, probably making as much an impression as the American tanks that wheeled into Germany just 20 years before. Seeing this spectacle was quite something of course, but sadly didn't last very long, the #140 GT40 of Phil Hill and Bruce McLaren had to retire on the 15th lap due to a suspension failure. Starting second on the grid it had proven its speed though and already provided a decent stab into the back of Enzo Ferrari (who refused to sell Ferrari to Ford). But while the Ford failed to finish the Ferrari cars present (and there were a lot of them!) took the Nordschleife by storm, with two factory entered cars finishing first and second. Pictured on the photo further down this post is the winning car of Ludovico Scarfiotti and Nino Vaccarella.

While the GT40 made its race debut overall, it is interesting to note that the Shelby Cobra made its European race debut (the car had only been raced in international event in the USA up to then and not counting the AC Cobra) adding a few more V8 bellows to all the sophisticated Italian Ferrari V12s. The Cobras didn't make an impact as big as the GT40, the best one qualifying 7th on the grid and the highest finisher of the lot just finishing in 23rd place. Jo Schlesser and Richard Attwood were the lucky ones with car #99, somehow keeping the car together whilst other Cobra drivers didn't.

Sadly no more photos from this race but we'll have some more stuff up from other events pretty soon!