Illuminated rubber

Written by Kurt | Monday, 16 July 2012 21:15

Some inventions turn out to be great, others turn out to be not so great. The Goodyear 'Illuminated Tyre' certainly falls into the last category. It was 1961 when the engineers at Goodyear thought up a system to lit up a tyre made from a single piece of synthetic rubber by mounting various light bulbs on the inner wheel rim. The idea was that customers could choose out of a various, differently, coloured tyres (were any sold at all?). One of those colours was red, as illustrated by the photo underneath. The photo is lightened up with a Goodyear Zeppelin in the background, which makes me wonder; why didn't they illuminate that? Now that would have boosted brand awareness! Granted, the lady in the first photo probably drew quite a crowd as well back in the day..


 Photos by: LIFE, Douglas Miller