Photography: Racing through Chemnitz in the early 50s

Written by Super User | Thursday, 26 July 2012 14:46

Just imagine: it's a sunday morning in August, the sun's out, you've made yourself a proper breakfast that you'd like to eat in the garden, but oddly enough you feel there's something missing; noise and the smell of burned oil and rubber somehow. If you're like that, then you should've been living in the city of Chemnitz, Germany in the early 50s. Racing there was literally taking place on the doorstep. Just look at these somewhat inconspicuous photos and you'll see what I mean. These were taken in Chemnitz in either 1952 or 1953 during one of the racing weekends held there. There were cars, but also motorbikes partaking in various race sessions. Cars and motorbikes flew through the city at high speeds (on cobbled roads!) without any safety fences or straw bales present whatsoever. Just look at the people in the first photo, the inhabitants of the house could just go and sit in front of their home to see something of the action. In this case some single seater car flying past at probably no more than 5 metres. And what about the sportscar underneath?

Sadly I can't establish what it is nor who's driving the sports car above.

Here's one that seem to show a round of sidecar racing. Also notice the children on the left peeking just above the fence.

The last picture seems to be taken outside of the city, the boy in the grass surely had a good time with his gigantic beer bottle (or might it be wine?).