Photography: Sachsenring 1953 - Greifzu Eigenbau

Written by Super User | Thursday, 21 February 2013 19:53


As a follow-up to's excellent blog on a motor museum in Suhl, Germany I have dug out a photo of the Greifzu Eigenbau which features prominently in the museum's collection. This photo was most certainly taken at the Sachsenring in the Eastern part of then divided Germany in 1953, purely on the basis that I acquired a batch of photos from this event in a box marked 'Sachsenring 1953'. Though, result sheets and the numbers on the cars point to an altogether different race. What is certain though is that the car on the photo was built by Paul Greifzu on the basis of a tired pre-war BMW 328 according to Formula 2 'regulations' of the time. Greifzu, after a couple of incredibly succesful seasons, he was seen as a national hero taking on the capitalist West-German opposition, died in 1952 at a race in Dessau in this car. The car miraculously survived though and was rebuilt. It ran a couple of races in 1953 driven by Rudolf Krause including a race at the Sachsenring on 6 September. Sadly it is intensly difficult to verify my claim as official result lists are very difficult to find, bear with me, there's more to come.