L'avvocato - Fiat's Gianni Agnelli in pictures

Written by Kurt | Saturday, 25 May 2013 15:16

agnelli-lastampaThe state of being dashing is not neccessarily a thing exclusive to the Italians, though it is, arguably, exclusive to Italians in the world of business. Think Gianni Agnelli, the now sadly deceased former head of the group of FIAT family companies. Captured at any stage of his life Agnelli looked immaculate, or rather perfected immaculateness through a cover of maculateness; that what is seen as studied carelessness or 'sprezzatura' by many. Moreover, in the world of menswear, aficionados see Agnelli as a god of sorts, it appears (judging by some of the comments on the internet) grown men might even dribble a variety of bodily fluids in front of their computers whilst looking at Agnelli wearing his impeccably hand-tailored suits. Definitely, the man had a sense of doing things just a little bit differently than others, it seems to me though that it is more the connotations surrounding the figure of Agnelli that reduces some men to the male equivalent of teenage girls admiring the outfits of Heidi Klum. Could one not say he just had a few very well fitting suits, available to anyone with a good tailor, and isn't it, in fact, the wealth, the power and success that elevates Agnelli into the realm of a general icon of Italy's post-war revival while, in the process, being catapulted into a symbol of the menswear community?

 Anyway, since this year marks the 10th anniversary of Gianni Agnelli's death Italian newspaper 'La Stampa', is commemorating exactly those qualities of Agnelli that matters; his life, his work, his succes. Some of you might think; so what? Well, as some others of you probably know Gianni Agnelli, as the former head of FIAT, also happened to be the majority shareholder of La Stampa. So obviously they did it well; they had a rummage through their photo archive and have dedicated a whole website to this occasion, every few weeks this year a new category of photos is unlocked (see it here). Up to now we have had the pleaseure of being able to browse through photos of the 'avvocato' (lawyer) working, inspecting cars, looking at things and doing family stuff (funnily enough a category called 'his women' is sadly missing). It is a sympathetic tribute to the man who saw FIAT (and Italy) go through several crises, marked by personal tragedies (his son committed suicide in 2000) but always recovered and made sure he came out on top. Considering Agnelli's legacy and his enduring status as an icon of success and style, the old adage 'dressed for success' might actually very well be true after all. Go and have a browse through the minisite, it is impressive!