Bertone by Benedict Redgrove

Written by Kurt | Thursday, 13 January 2011 16:58

Sometimes you stumble accross web-finds that seem a little bit different from the rest, you know immediately that it's something a bit special, something worth sitting down for with a cuppa (or a pint if you prefer that). Well, we experienced exactly that last week when we were pointed towards a photographer with a 'thing' for cars. Benedict Redgrove is the photographer in question, his photographs of some tasty 70s concept cars from Italian design house Bertone inspired us to feature them here.


As with all design, you love or you hate, it's probably the same for the Bertone concept cars in the photos below. We like them, but what we most of all like is the superb location they're 'up against'. Redgrove told us that he snapped the cars in the unique Bertone museum which is part of Bertone's design HQ. To be more precise the photographs were taken in the actual client viewing areas where the clients would be taken to back in the day by the designers to view the new Bertone creations on a big turntable. What makes the place so special is that most of the building seems to be exactly how it was when it was built 40 years ago. There's 70s orange, space-age roof styling and blobs of tranquilising white concrete everywhere. This inspiring background led Redgrove to photograph some of the prettiest concept cars made by Bertone in the day. There is the Lamborghini Marzal from 1967, the Lancia Stratos Zero from 1970, the Alfa Romeo Carabo from 1968 (based on the Alfa 33 sports car chassis) and the Lamborghini Bravo from 1974. All designed by Bertone's top-designer back then; Marcello Gandini. As you notice by the shape of these cars, which still look refreshingly modern, he was also responsible for such cars as the Lamborghini Countach and the Maserati Khamsin.


Redgrove got the chance to photograph these cars through a commission he received from the famous UK Wallpaper Magazine which focuses on anything from design to travel. Redgrove himself photographs an array of different subjects himself as well; "I love good design whether its cars or bikes or planes or magazines, anything really. Good design will always win over bad."


That said, there is a definite liking of cars visible in his portofolio. Which is no surprise as Redgrove is a bit of car nut himself owning an Aston Martin Vanquish, which he describes as insane, beautiful and sounding incredible. Beside that, when he was younger, he used to do a bit of racing as well. We now continue with some more shots from the Bertone shoot.


The Alfa Romeo Carabo




The Lamborghini Marzal



The Lamborghini Bravo



If you want to see more photographs from a diverse range of clients (BMW, Swiss Air etc.) by Benedict Redgrave, then, click through to his webpage @


Thanks to Benedict Redgrove for his kind help with this article.