Photography: Dogs in cars

Written by Kurt | Sunday, 31 October 2010 13:22
usborne_dogs_4This week we bumped into an interesting collection of photos that combined various cars new and old with a well-known phenomenon; dogs. Now, this mind not sound that special or exciting to you, because, well, it isn't. What is exciting though, is the way photographer Martin Usborne managed to capture the dogs and cars at night in various circumstances. He actually manages to capture all the dogs' facial expressions whilst they're in the cars. It's a pretty entertaining sight, some sad faces, some angry snouts and some cute eyes, read on for more!


Martin Usborne is a London-based photographer, who was once a children's television art director, studied psychology and animation at Glasgow's School of Art. His newest collection has an appropriate name: MUTE: The Silence of Dogs in Cars which is being exhibited at theprintsspace in London until 9 November. If you fancy a print of one of his photos take a look at his website, , where various prints are for sale. For now, please enjoy the collection of photos, here on

Oh yes, I guess this is good opportunity for a guess-the-car competition, the first one of you to identify five of the cars will be presented with, uhm, absolutely nothing!












All photos courtesy of Martin Usborne.