Question: what's the best car to go ice racing with?

Written by Kurt | Wednesday, 26 October 2011 21:03

porsche356iceWe've devised a new little category here, simply called 'Question:', from now on we will have some short ramblings on the extremely important questions in a petrolheads' life. Questions that come up in our minds when walking through the city, the countryside or when we are using public transport (and can only dream about using proper transport). Questions that could come up could include: 'What car do we need if we want to play Roxy Music whilst driving?' or 'What would be the best car to be sick in?' You get the idea, if you're reading this pokey little motoring blog, you've probably had similar questions come up. Today; 'what's the best car to go ice racing with?'

Easy, you need weight at the back for extra grip, an engine for example. You need rear-wheel drive for a bit of extra fun. You need a very precise machine that transfers all your steering input with absolute obedience. That really only leaves one brand of car; Porsche. But which model to choose from all of the wonderful rear-engined beauties they have made? Well I guess the photo accompanying this articles already gives it away; a 356. The nice 4-cylinder boxer will do, no need for a powerful 6-cylindered 911 here. Can you imagine skating over that slippery ice with a 356 desperately trying to find grip. No electronic driver-aids. Manual transmission. No power steering. All pure pleasure through hard graft. It's probably going to be a bit like a dog, trying to find grip to get to the food bowl, desperately sliding across a polished stone floor whilst trying to regain control of the rear paws. Of course that will mostly end up with a big bang. Let's hope that didn't happen to this 356 or any 356 you might be racing across a patch of ice in the future..