Question: Ling-Po or a Golf?

Written by Kurt | Saturday, 09 June 2012 15:33

This time the answer to the question is easy; both! All the way back in the 80s Volkswagen advertised their leasing scheme in Germany with advert you see above. It tells the story of Herr Kröger who was faced with either buying an exotic woman or a new VW Golf, but thanks to the 'great' VW leasing scheme he was able to afford both, or as the ad puts it: 'Golf geleast. Frau gekauft.' Obviously, this sounds pretty cringeworthy nowadays with emancipation having progressed enormously and political correctness being the prominent force of reason. Could you imagine VW advertising like this these days? Impossible of course, this kind of tong-in-cheek gimmickry would be a step too far, putting finance for a car on the same level as a woman. This comes even more apparent when you read on, and see what Herr Kröger has to tell us: 'With the money that I saved, I could afford Ling-Po [the exquisite piece of exotica you see in the background]. Since then home time is double the fun.' I guess you can see there is an issue with this ad, though brilliantly thought up, not transferable to 2012. Shame really, wouldn't it be interesting to be able to put out something like this these days and stir things up a little (and receive huge brand awareness in the process) without being branded female-unfriendly by something like the International Alliance for Women? Whichever way you look at it it couldn't be used anyway, as it has been done already, but we should comfort ourselves with the fact that this is a classic ad, an ad that reflected an era in which finance started to make everything possible. From buying cars, to cheap flights and buying women from the other side of the planet..