Corgi, Dinky, Tri-ang: collecter's dreams..

Written by Kurt | Tuesday, 03 July 2012 13:26

On 12 July a large amount of vintage model cars from several private collections will go under the hammer. 'Collectable Toy Specialists' Vectis Auctions from Stockton on Tees, England will be offering many many model cars from the 40s, 50s and 60s from then reputable English model car manufacturers like Corgi, Dinky and Tri-ang. There is a huge variety of models, from cars, to tractors, lorries and even a 'Corporal guided missile on Mobile Launcher'. As you would expect from private collectors most of the models still have their original boxes (this enhances the value to collectors massively) and are in excellent condition. There are some truly intriguing models up for auction, we've picked a few and presented them here in this post, read on after the jump.

As the first photo shows there are lorries up for auction as well. This one is not your ordinary lorry though, it's an example of the famed Ecurie Ecosse race car transporter which motored all the way through the UK and Europe. It transported some of the most fantastic race cars in the 50s and 60s including Jaguar D-Types, C-Types or the Cooper Monaco. It ain't cheap tho' as it comes with a £130-170 estimate.

Or what about this group (lot 2082) of commercial vehicles including a Bedford van with 'Kodak' livery or for the more American oriented; a Dodge Farm Wagon. Price: £80-100.

Of course race cars are not omitted in this auction, lot 2077 contains two fifties racers, a Jaguar D-Type and a Mercedes W196 (somehow in white livery) along with an unfathomable 'Speed of the Wind' pre-war single seater. Estimated at 'only' £70-90.

It isn't all Corgi cars in this auction though, in the days after the war there were some other competent manufacturers of toy cars around the British isles. See for example the very cute Goggomobil Super by 'Tri-ang' above, which is up for auction with a £100-120 estimate (lot 2128).

Obviously the list goes on and on, in total there are 635 lots of mostly pristine model cars to be auctioned. See the whole list and pictures here.