Spotted: Triumph Herald 13/60

Written by Kurt | Wednesday, 27 March 2013 00:15

Northchurch-Terrace-London-Sometimes one finds oneself navigating pointlessly through Google Street View for no reason other than 'getting lost' after searching for a particular address. On these strolls through digitalised reality one bumps into a variety of strange and wonderful elements that make up our world, occasionally one bumps into rather awkward scenes; people in silly costumes (or just daily outfits), fires and so on. But, once in a while, one bumps into a nice old car by chance, just today I bumped into a lovely red Triumph Herald 13/60 parked in front of a delightful sort of semi-detached house in Dalston, London. The Herald 13/60 was the last in a series of Heralds, built from 1967 to 1971 and featured an updated front-end and a new 1296cc engine. According to records a total of 82,650 cars were built, quite a substantial amount, though not many remain today, or at least in the UK the Department for Transport lists about 1300 licensed examples. This red one is one of them, let's hope it stays that way.