Spotted: Saab 96

Written by Kurt | Thursday, 25 April 2013 16:24


What to do when presented with the automotive equivalent of a Nordic Aphrodite (those of another disposition might want to say Adonis)? Correct, you take a photo, or better several photos capturing svelte lines, cool charm and warriorlike spirit. Better still, you can be assured it will take it well, it will pose effortlessly when presented with some sunshine in the charming environment of London's Bloomsbury area. Yes, I thought this slightly knackered Saab 96 looked really rather good. It was such a treat finding this on a lovely summery day after stepping out of my Uni after an intensive few hours listening to, well, doodah. Saabs usually float my boat, the 96 is no exception, but it should be mentioned that I am not convinced it was Saabs 'finest hour'. The 96 spawned an era of unprecedented change in the automotive industry (automatisation, strikes etc.), yet from its inception in 1960 to the final year of production very little changed at all. Seeing the trim of this dashing green Swede it points to it being a later 96 from the 1970s. By then, after shedding its Saab two-stroke engine, the engine bay accomodated a trusty Ford V4 1498cc engine producing 65 hp powering the front wheels. Sadly, the example on the photos seemed to suffer from a variety of issues; first and foremost the issue that the rear left side window was missing! Moreover the attractive and quirky seventies light green paint was lighter in some areas than others, whilst missing a smooth finish altogether. I missed this Saab actually driving but looking at the exterior and interior it didn't spell much good..



Multicoloured front.