The Marketplace: Bristol FS double decker motorhome

Written by Kurt | Wednesday, 04 April 2012 13:46

I think this is the first bus I ever featured on here, because normally I hate buses. They stink (inside and out), they cause serious pollution with their huge diesel engines (especially when no-one except the driver is in it, which is most of the time), they regularly manage to scare me while I'm biking around in the low countries, they are slow, they run late and when you're in one chances are that once you get out of one you might have caught some horrible disease and die in the process. Now, don't let this deter you from liking the bus featured here, as this isn't really a bus anymore but a bus converted into a motorhome. Which got me thinking; with the Goodwood Revival weekend fast approaching every motoring maniac should think about what kind of retro transport to arrive in on the Goodwood grounds. Wouldn't this make a huge impression while at the same time being very useful as well? Just imagine, you can stay for the whole weekend on the grounds and you do not have to book a hotel. It does come at a price though, it is for sale for about € 35.000 which is probably quite a bit more then 3 nights in a country hotel. For sale here in Switzerland, but read on after the jump for more on its history.

The bus underwent its transformation into a motorhome not long ago, it was, according to the ad on ebay, finally finished in 1996 after 6 years of hard work. And it shows, it looks spectacularly good! The bus has a history going back a long time, though, being commissioned in 1960 by the 'Brighton and Hove bus and coach company' in the United Kingdom in the red and cream colours now present on the bus as well.


It is powered by a 'Gardner' 6-cylinder engine, which according to sources was near standard equipment for bus operators due to its longevity. It hasn't much power for a 10 litre engine on the other hand, just 170bhp is on tap. But power is obviously not its main attraction, it is the buses' charisma. Just look at how it looked back in the sixties in Brighton and how it looks now, it has retained all its charisma with the added benefit that you can travel around in it. There even seems to be a tent on top of it now for extra room (which, in a way, makes it a distant cousin of the Porsche Boxster Spyder).

Fitted with a 3-way fridge (it had us puzzled too), gas stove with oven, gas heating, shower, a 5sqm patio (on a bus, shouldn't that be a roof terrace?) and an exquisite Thetford casette toilet this really has all that's needed for some practical camping. I'd say: get bidding, there's not much time left until the next Goodwood Revival spectacle!