The Marketplace: Two Renault Fuego Turbos

Written by Kurt | Saturday, 21 April 2012 17:55

This time I thought I'd be a nice idea to feature something French on here, so we had a browse and suddenly thought of the little-known Renault Fuego Turbo. Launched in 1983 as a successor to the 15/17 range it featured a body with some very interesting design cues. While most car company's went through their 'boxy-styling-stage' in the 80s, Renault stayed true to the design principles laid out by their employee Robert Opron, who he (re-)designed Citroën's SM and DS years before. You just have to look at this car to know this car was designed under Robert Opron's regime, its fluid lines really look as if they were a continuation or modern interpretation of the Citroën SM. It was only after a few years of production of the Renault Fuego that buyers could opt for a Turbo model; 130 hp and 0-100 km/h in about 9 seconds. The 80s had now properly arrived. The two cars featured here are both Turbos, both red, both in similar condition, both needing work but both are from another country. One from Germany and the other from the United Kingdom. You will have to be quick though, they're both auctions.

Well, it looks like they both need a proper repaint. No serious rust issues it seems on either of them (on the right German, left UK, obviously, it's RHD!). The German one was impeccably maintained according to the owner, well as you would expect of a German.

Both have a well-presented interior considering the age of the cars.

Mechanically sound? Well we can't say obviously having not seen, heard or driven the cars for real, even if you did know, you can't be sure with an 80s Renault is our guess, but woeful reliability is probably the outcome if you don't tackle these cars properly.