The Marketplace: Moretti 128 Cabriolet

Written by Kurt | Saturday, 05 May 2012 13:32

A pretty special car is up for sale in Germany over on for an attractive price; a Moretti 128 Cabriolet. You might wonder what it actually is, well, it's basically a tarted up Fiat 128 done by small-scale production 'specialists' Moretti of Turin. It is a highly interesting car if you ask me, normal 128s are a bit bland perhaps, but the crisp lines on these 'coachbuild' Morettis do add a bit of drama and romance to an otherwise bland eurobox from the early 70s. These Moretti 128s were build as a coupe as well as a cabriolet, of which this car is a particularly well-presented example. In essence though I guess this car is more a 'Targa' than a cabriolet which is what it was introduced as at the 1969 Turin Auto Show. Of course this car benefits from all the Fiat's mechanicals and its floorplan so finding parts for this exotic isn't much of an issue, you shouldn't dent the bodywork or trim though, as that will probably be unobtainable stuff. Read on after the jump.

This isn't the quickest of cars either, the 1300cc engine runs out of steam at just 150 km/h, still, by the looks of it, in this example it seems well-presented.

The fact that this is originally a Swiss car with most probably less than 100.000 kms on the clock certainly shows, it's in a very original condition with no visible rust.

The interior is immaculate as well by the looks of it, refurbished perhaps?