The Marketplace: Daimler V8-250 - LOL!

Written by Kurt | Saturday, 28 July 2012 17:33

daimler1While doing some weekly (well almost) ebay browsing for old tat I came across this rather sorry looking Daimler V8-250 from 1967. With bidding still at the ridiculously low amount of €23.50 (but with 8 days to go) this might be one of those sheds to look into more closely. But on the other hand seeing the numberplate and looking at this machine in more detail, this might be a clear-cut case of 'it does what it says on the tin,' it says LOL or 'Laugh out loud' as we tend to call on the tin so it can't be much good. Its bodywork is battered and bruised, with various gimongous dents and holes and rust practically all over the place. The outside, the passenger cabin, the engine bay, the boot and whatever else might be lurking behind those pretty body lines is affected by rust. Looking past that, which is indeed difficult, we find an interesting car, a car that has most of the stuff that makes its cooler, better, brother, the Jaguar Mk2, one of the most desirable classic cars on the market today. But whereas a project Mk2 will set you back at least €5000 (if you find one that is), one these nearly identical Daimlers go for much lower and are (by the looks of it) readily available. But then again, you have to put up with a woefully underpowered V8 engine more suited to classic cruising than classic car chases.

Sold for €893.88.

This particular example also has the three-speed automatic Borg Warner gearbox, which makes it an even less likely candidate for some spirited driving. Thinking about it, this example might not even be a candidate for just driving around. As the seller states in the listing it might make a good spares car (it comes with two cylinder heads and a new exhaust), restoring it seems almost nonsensical considering the cost of such an affair. Will the effortless style of this 60s classic make anyone take the plunge and spend a lot of time, money and effort on this? I sincerely hope someone does, would be a shame to see another one go.


Wood all over the place, which certainly has its charm.


The engine can apparently be turned by hand.