Shed or Minter: Audi 60

Written by Kurt | Tuesday, 28 August 2012 22:10

Audi 60 for sale on ebayOutside or inside of Germany, it doesn't matter, you won't see many of these Audi 60s on the streets today. The question here should be; why? Problematic to maintain perhaps? Not very pretty perhaps? Or don't they have enough snob value compared to ubiquitous Mercedes-Benz cars of the era? These Audi / Auto Union cars certainly weren't badly built though, when you do see one come along the bodies are most of the time in great shape. Built in both 2-door and 4-door versions the Audi 60 was the successor to the DKW F102 and marked a new era for the Auto Union factory, while the DKW still had a 2-stroke engine, the Audi powered into modernity with a brand-new 4-stroke engine (with 4 cylinders). Its boxy yet somehow curvaceous body was an instant hit (or at least a bigger hit than the DKW F102 which was a commercial disaster), especially the Coupes looked and look just right. Instead of finding one for sale, we found two of these little stormers for sale, in Germany, look here. Both of them need a LOT of work though but with a starting price of €700 this still looks like a good deal. But it's obvious buyers will need some guidance, so read with us and find out more about these classy German cars.

These two Audis are of course proper sheds, but luckily the wear classy colour combinations (which is good as you won't end up with crap colours if you want to restore back meticulously to factory spec). One has an interesting shade of green and a cream interior, while the other dons a pretty baby blue exterior and dark blue interior. The seller envisaged to restore the blue one making use of the better equipped green car (which has no title) for parts. Still, these are both restorable and pretty complete cars so why not restore both? One for road use, the other to race in historic tin-top racing? Added bonus with these cars are two brand-new windshields which come straight from the glass moulder.


audi 60 for sale on ebay

The seller concludes with the usual complimentary close in the German auction world: "Spassbieter hören von meinem Anwalt" which means as much as "deadbeat bidder will hear from my lawyer". Don't let that deter you, they're quite a friendly bunch those Germans, they just want to make sure..

audi 60 for sale on ebay