Shed or Minter: 1957 OSCA Barchetta Vignale

Written by Kurt | Thursday, 06 September 2012 17:42

OSCA Vignale Barchetta 1957 - 1500cc - body Ferrari 225SThis time an unlikely candidate for an internet auction. On Ebay in France we found this splendid OSCA Barchetta with a Vignale body. We say splendid but other evidence points at this listing not being quite what it seems, simply because it has been listed thrice on three different websites each stating different countries as location. Here one in Sweden and here one in Belgium (with the tel. number leading us to This 1957 OSCA was listed on the other two websites as MT4-2AD. Interestingly the seller states that this car has the same Vignale body as the Ferrari 225S, which is a bit odd as that one saw the light in 1957, why would an innovative and creative company like Vignale shape an already retro body for a new chassis in 1957? More likely it is a rebodied car. By the way, underneath a photo of what seems to be the same car. Story doesn't end here as the 'Sweden-based'  seller of this car also has another OSCA (and many other cars) for sale, listed on the same day here. It all sounds a bit fishy, but what do I know. Of course it's possible this 'Claus' guy has multiple cars to sell, and yes perhaps he's a global traveller living in Sweden, France and Belgium. But why then, put only one of those priceless cars on Ebay on an account which previously hasn't sold anything else than a few video games, U2 concert tickets and lots of toothpaste? To me it is a mystery, to others it is not much of an issue.

Ed. Went for $250,000 in the end!

 OSCA Barchetta Vignale - 1957 - body like Ferrari 225S