Shed or Minter: Churchill's Land Rover

Written by Kurt | Saturday, 29 September 2012 18:47

Land Rover Winston Churchill auctionPrime ministerial cars are not usually associated with 'four-wheel drive', 'countryside', 'cargo area', nor with a spare wheel on top of the engine bay. Some though, should be associated with those keywords, not surprisingly it's one of those eccentric British aristocrats who had no problem being transported in an off-roader. The Rt Hon. Sir Winston Spencer Churchill KG. OM. CH. MP (and I'm probably forgetting one or two official titles) got a Land Rover for his 80th birthday in 1954 (during his second stint as British PM). Exactly this Land Rover is up for auction at Cheffins' Vintage Sale on 20 October here. Looking at the odometer, there isn't much evidence that it was driven much, just 12,932 miles were racked up over the years (including other owners since 1973) but according to the PR bluff in the press release Churchill it was put through good use on Churchill's estate with the PM himself as a frequent passenger.

A rather hefty passenger to say the least, due to Churchill's dimensions the passenger compartment was specially adapted by LR with a widened seat, a comfortable padded armrest and a grab handle which was of course clad in the finest leather. Later on, for extra convenience on cold frosty morning drives around his estate, the LR was fitted with a cab and foot well heater. Looking at it now it still looks good, in 'original condition' as those in the car dealing world will probably say, or with other words 'has some rust' but it does come with all the original logbooks! It's estimated to make 50,000 to 60,000 GBP.

Winston Churchill Land Rover auction

Photos by: Cheffins.