The Marketplace: 1965 Bond Equipe GTS

Written by Kurt | Monday, 22 August 2011 15:02

bond1Bond might not be the most significant car-maker among those who built fibreglass cars in the 1960s like Lotus or TVR, nonetheless, they made a few interesting cars. Like this 1965 Bond Equipe GT4S, up for auction in the United Kingdom on 3 September, find it here. Based on a Triumph Herald chassis and packed with a 67hp 1147cc Triumph Spitfire engine it sounds like an amusing entry into 60s motoring. Not to mention affordable, as there will be plenty parts around might the British engineering play up at some point.


This green, right-hand drive, example is one of the 2956 examples originally built and one of the few that have stood the test of time. It is a very original example only having been restored by the current owner. As a result, if you like shiny cars, this is the car for you, it doesn't need a lick of paint anywhere. As a result the body is straight without damage to the fragile fibre-glass body parts.


The car has some interesting design cues, most of which are to behold at the front of this car. The double headlamps and two-piece grille give the car a very distinctive look, rather quirky in our opinion. Then there is the chrome bonnet vent further up the bonnet, which provides the engine with some more cool air. If it really makes a difference is another matter of course, but it’s a nice touch to the design anyway.


Looking at the back of the car we see a kind of fastback rear-end with a small boot opening and chrome hinges. On the left is some more chrome in the shape of a fuel filler-cap.


On the inside things look rather cosy as well, the wooden dash is still in a very good condition showing no peeling of the glossy coating. On top of that the black seats have no tears or scratches and look as if they are good to go for many more years. Interestingly, this car has also been (retro-)fitted with seatbelts for the front seats and provide some much needed safety to this car.


This is probably one of those cars you just love or loath, as it has very unusual styling. We know we love the double head lamps and the bonnet vent (or rather a slit), you might not. Providing the chassis is straight and the engine purrs like a 4-cylinder from that era should, with a 2000 to 3000 pounds estimate, this car is definitely worth a punt.