The marketplace: 1973 Mazda RX-2

Written by Super User | Thursday, 16 February 2012 21:43

rx2Perhaps I've mentioned it before on here but I have a slight obsession with rotary-engined Mazdas from the 70s. Be it R100s, RX-3s or RX5s I like them, mainly because of the the awesomely silly engine sound that comes with a rotary engine. During an ebay search I stumbled upon the following listing on Ebay USA; a practically rust-free and rather low-mileage RX-2. Just look at that clean engine bay and boot and the top-notch interior with original three-spoke steering wheel. I've seen worse! Wouldn't this be a fantastic change compared to an obiquitous MG B or Triumph Spitfire? Probably, more reliable and fun as well (I mean who doesn't like a high-revving engine from time to time). Perhaps though, for a comparison with those sporty machines Mazdas RX-3 offering might be better suited. Mainly because the RX-2 was originally conceived as a family car. Most of them were sedans, this coupe is an exception.


Modification of these cars is not too problematic, in the USA there is a thriving community of enthusiasts, undoubtably spurred on by all the modern Japanese stuff that us youngsters get to see in video games. Parts are not a major issue, but they might be in Europe, I haven't seen an early 70s Mazda here for a long time. Having 120 hp as standard is enough for most people, but engine-wise a lot is possible with these cars. In the 1970s those who raced Mazdas with the famous 1200cc 12A rotary-engine used to do a very simple mod. They closed off the factory standard inlet ports with metal putty and drilled new, much bigger ones directly into the rotary's cylinders, changed the rotor tips and finished the engine off with a huge pair of carburettors. Together with the rear-wheel drive it is a recipe for a lot of fun. Get bidding!


Photo credit: melvin3545