The TVR Tamora and its German counterparts

Written by Super User | Saturday, 31 March 2012 11:12

Now, looking through some old magazines it stunned me that cars that were build in the early 2000s are already retroish cars. Take for example the TVR Tamora, being produced from 2002 it epitomises much of the situation the world was in. An aggressive over the top monster of a car (that looks like a mouse in my opinion) in bold colours and with an interior which is very much late 90s / early 00s with lots of curves and odd switchgear. I like to compare the interior to the mad shapes of the Apple ibooks and imacs of those days (see here and here). It was much the same story with its competitors. Take for example the Porsche Boxster, its interior is executed in hideous plastics shaped into ugly asymmetric shapes which really looks dated nowadays (just look at this center console, and then see the imac again). Or take the BMW Z3 Roadster, it has the same foibles; plasticky interior and fluid body shapes that together just do not really look very coherent or good. The plasticky interiors were of course there in the name for cost reduction to return bigger profits, it was, whichever way you look at it, the decade of raking in money in huge quantities whatever the cost may be. That said the decade produced some very, technically interesting sports cars, like the Tamora, Z3 and the Boxster in the video underneath. Not many manufacturers bothered about emissions or semi-automatic gearboxes nor had they much interest in putting expensive ESP systems in their cars (TVR certainly didn't, but then again they probably didn't have the money anyway). But, which one of these still uncomplicated and reliable contenders you should choose as a fast runabout nowadays? For me it's simple, the Tamora, it's the only car that hasn't dated much. Let Tiff Needell remind you why it was as good as it could be today..