Jawohl, it's the Deutsche Rennsportmeisterschaft

Written by Kurt | Wednesday, 25 April 2012 19:21

Suddenly, when racing was still racing in the 70s; elegant, gallant and beautiful, group 5 racing came around and said goodbye to all the things that made the golden-era great and introduced boxy cars, huge wings and aggressive drivers. Group 5 racing became the pinnacle of tin-top racing and in particular the German 'Deutsche Rennsportmeisterschaft' became the prime series for group 5 cars. Ford, BMW and Porsche battled it out on great tracks all through Europe (very much like the DTM does now) with their super-fast silhouette-like racing cars based on ordinary production models. Cars like BMW's 3-series or Ford's Escort. Barely anything expect the body and a few tid-bits from the production models made it onto these great racers. Racers that were also captured on film, as can be seen in the video above. Just enjoy the noise, the atmosphere and the maniacal driving style of the members of the BMW Junior team (Cheever, Winkelhock among others). We will have more on this series someday soon, our archive is stacked with photos of these races, stay tuned!