Monaco Historic GP + Frazer Nash + Camera = fabulous footage

Written by Kurt | Sunday, 24 June 2012 14:37

Just take a moment to appreciate this wonderful cacophony of noise brought to you by the six cylinders of this Frazer Nash Le Mans Rep's Bristol engine. Slithering through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo at this year's Monaco Historic GP is its driver Patrick Blakeney-Edwards, desperately trying to keep up with race leader Alex Buncombe in a Jaguar C-Type. As the laps go by the Jag disappears out of view bit by bit, there was a good excuse for that; the Frazer Nash had to retire due to a suspension problem. Nevertheless take in the few minutes of fantastic onboard video while the car was going around the track in a spectacular manner. As you can see from the images this is a pretty hairy machine to drive, oversteering on practically every corner, skinny tyres don't help much of course nor do suspension problems but I guess this is very much the character of cars of that age. Now turn up the volume of your speakers, put the youtube video on 720p and enjoy..