Video: Raging bulls never disappoint

Written by Kurt | Friday, 12 October 2012 18:56

Disproportionate proportions, a mighty growl, an aggressive stance, a fiery hue covering the masculine shapes. No, we are in fact not talking about some wonderful creature from the animal kingdom here, we are actually talking about a car. It might not come as a surprise but we are actually talking about a Lamborghini Miura here, a P400S. But, I can imagine it might sound like some commentary usually found on the pages of National Geographic Magazine. due to the animalistic nature of these cars, one usually ends up, when describing them, with some misty sentence that could well be used to describe a raging bull. Which is probably why there is a raging bull in Lamborghini's logo (okay this is not the official story of course, but it's a good story and helps keeping this blob of text from dragging on too much). What is comes down to, is that a Miura is a fascinating car, picture perfect, or film perfect. Some man on the interweb obviously thought the same, which is why he made the video above. Finally a good quality video from the passenger seat, some knowledgeable comments here and there, but above all it comes with a great sound track. It's not a hugely exciting drive but it's certainly one of those videos that manage to capture the essence of a car's character very well.