Get a life. Buy my Porsche.

Written by Kurt | Friday, 01 July 2011 11:52

Normally we are always rather wary of photos and videos which feature cars and girls at the same time. As it can get rather cliche, you know the thing; the scantily clad girl standing in front of, or leaning (ass out), on a vulgar sports car (mostly some hideously tuned Japanese mongrel or of course the quintessential playboy car; a Lamborghini). All very nice of course, but not terribly interesting. So, how then do you make a video and photos which features a car and a woman that has some style and touches the cliche only slightly. Well, leave that some english guys trying to sell the car of one of them. And not just a car, but a 1985 Porsche Targa. Featuring; our favourite Porsche 911 shape, nice Fuchs alloys, lovely black leather interior, a huuuge rear wing and sensual red paint. We would almost forget about the girl featuring in it. Featuring; a slim body, nice long legs, lovely black leather shorts, a huuuge pair of sunglasses and sensual brown hair. Just watch the video further down this post by clicking 'read more'.

And now for some more photos:

You see, you can do cars and girls in the same shot without getting too cliched, fantastic stuff, credit goes to these guys:

Girl: liliane spielmann
Guy: peter bohus
Mechanic: robert flaubert

Director/editor: kristof deak @
Dop: tamas olajos @
Producer: peter bohus
Stylist: veronika molnar