Video: The man, the car, the addiction

Written by Kurt | Tuesday, 08 February 2011 20:30

atkinsonminiWe like to think we just unearthed a little gem on youtube. You might know it already. Ever heard of 'The Driven Man'? A fabulous documentary which follows Rowan atkinson in his quest to find out more about his car passion or addiction for that matter. Actor, writer and stand-up Rowan Atkinson is most widely known as silly man Mr. Bean or in his role as Edmund Blackadder in the BBC television tetralogy 'Blackadder'. Of course he did a lot more good than that acting a variety of roles over the years. 'The Driven Man' only reinforces this versatility by combining a documentary with his comedy qualities. We see him play himself in little sketches going back to his driving lesson days, his days on a tractor and in a Morris Minor and driving in some obscure Rover/MG/Austin Metro cup.

The documentary part takes Atkinson to two social psychologists, a wheeler dealer and a motor show. With surprising results, some stereotypes about 'us' car lovers are actually confirmed. In the course of the documentary, you can't not admire the man for his honesty in finding the reason for his passion, certainly as Atkinson describes himself as "a bit peculiar, a bit of a spaz". Well, we'll shut up now, make sure you watch all of the five parts below. It's worth it, even though the quality is rather.. 1991ish.. and a bit youtubish..