Video: Porsche 911S 2.4 vs Ferrari 246 GT

Written by Kurt | Wednesday, 25 August 2010 15:03

ferrariporscheThe late sixties of the last century must have been exciting times if you liked 6 cylinder cars sports cars. There was the Jaguar E-Type, the Porsche 911 and then, at some point Porsche came up with the 911S, if you felt the normal 911 wasn't quick enough for you. One could say it was the start of the overwhelming array of different 911 models in Porsche's range. But never mind that, in 1968 a direct competitor for the 911S was launched by none other than Ferrari, albeit under a different brand to differentiate it from its more expensive siblings. It was launched as the Dino 206 GT.


Without a doubt this car created quite a stir with its beautifully Pininfarina designed body and a genuinely race-bred 2.0 litre V6 engine. It compared well with the first generation of the Porsche 911S. If we do a bit of top trumps, we see that the 911S had exactly the same number of horsepowers as the 206 GT; precisely 160 hp, weighed almost the same as the 206 GT, cost almost the same and was equally fast as the 206 GT. Turn to 1971 and we see the same thing over again, now though, the 206 GT had evolved to the 246 GT (and a targa-style GTS) with an iron block 2.4 litre engine and 195 hp. Porsche joined them in 1971 with a 2.4 litre 911S with 190 hp and a lower top speed and price tag than the Dino. In terms of practicality, though, the Dino still had no back seats and was trumped big time 'family-friendly' Porsche in the respect.

Nowadays, practicality doesn't really matter with these kind of cars, does it? What does matter more than ever is the pleasure these cars can give; it's all about the senses and the way these two wonderful relics from a by-gone era can make you feel. Even when you're not actually driving, touching or looking at them. That's why you should take in the following road test (be warned the road tester is frenchWink) and enjoy above all the glorious engine noises these cars make. It's difficult to choose a favourite, can you?