Classic Top Gear: NSU Ro 80

Written by Kurt | Tuesday, 27 December 2011 13:16

While doing a bit browsing on Youtube (as you do on boxing day, no IKEA or similar shopping sprees for me..) I bumped into a short video from old Top Gear. For those in the know that means, no Hammond or May and a lot less Clarkson. Instead you got for example Quentin Wilson, who, in this video, rekindles his passion for the NSU Ro 80. The what? No, it's not a spacecraft, nor is it a soviet fighter jet, it's a car, from 1967. A very innovative car for the time in that it looked like it was indeed a spacecraft mixed with a bit off jet-age technology. It had a wankel rotary engine, it had disc brakes and it even had a semi-automatic gearbox (which at the time could only be compared with Porsche's sportomatic gearbox which was introduced in 1968). The basis of a great car then, take a look at the clip and let Quentin tell you all you want to know (he is a good presenter).